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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yeah it's been a while...

...But I guess real life intervened - a new baby (now 6 months old) and other stuff.

But I saw this Police hunt New Delhi bombers with this wonderful line:

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, who blamed the attacks at crowded markets on terrorists...

And the stunning insight displayed by Prime Minister Singh reminded me of this:

Alan: Good evening, Sir Arthur.
Peter: Good evening.
Alan: I am going to ask you a few questions about the train robbery, if I may.
Peter: Good, the very thing we are investigating. I'd like to make one thing quite clear at the outset -- when you speak of a train robbery, this in fact involved no loss of train. It's merely what I like to call the contents of the train which were pilfered -- we haven't lost a train since 1946, I think it was, the year of the great snows, we mislaid a small one. They're very hard to lose, you see, being so bulky -- a train is an enormous thing compared for example to a small jewel, a tiny pearl for example might fall off a lady's neck and disappear into the grass, or the gravel, or wherever she was standing -- in the sea, even, and disappear underwater -- whereas an enormous train, with its huge size, is a totally different kettle of fish ...
Alan: I think you've made that point rather WELL, Sir Arthur ... who do you think may have perpetrated this awful crime?
Peter: We believe this to be the work of thieves, and I'll tell you why. The whole pattern is extremely reminiscent of past robberies where we have found thieves to be involved -- the tell-tale loss of property, that's one of the signs we look for, the snatching away of the money substances -- it all points to thieves.
Alan: So you feel thieves are responsible.
Peter: Good heavens, no! I feel that thieves are totally irresponsible. They're a ghastly group of people, snatching your money away from you ...
Alan: I appreciate that, Sir Arthur, but ...
Peter: YOU may appreciate it, but most people don't. I'm sorry I can't agree with you. If you appreciate having money snatched you must be rather an odd fish ...