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Monday, January 03, 2005

A warblog?

So, only a couple of posts in and the blog is going to turn into a warblog! Not really - I'm off to miluim tomorrow and if I get the chance I'll post, but it's as close to warblogging as miluim is to war - my miluim service generally consists of guarding small towns (settlements) so I'll probably be standing at the shin-gimmel (front gate) for 4 hour stretches saying hallo to the good burghers of back-of-beyondsville, Judea.

Well, if I've got to be there, I'd much rather it was boring than otherwise, and it should give me some time to relax - I've been kind of busy finishing a project so a bit of time off might not be a bad thing. Catch up on some reading and maybe even get in shape - ugh this is beginning to sound like new years resolutions, so I'll sign off for now.

Wish me luck.