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Thursday, October 15, 2009

FlyScreen on the Android App Market!

We were very excited yesterday when we released our application (FINALLY!) to the Android App Market.

FlyScreen for Android is an really cool application (well, I think so, and I ought to know, as I helped write it) which allows you to show useful information, like RSS feeds, FaceBook and Twitter on the Lock Screen of your phone.

It's completely free right now - so if you have an Android phone please go look for us in the Market.

Take a look at this post on the FlyScreen blog


Anonymous John Hetherington said...

Akiba Hoffman,
Greetings from your Friday afternoon project partner at UMIST Materials. It is I, John Hetherington, who spotted your entry on Friends Re-united via Matt Hodnett. Looks like you didn't hang around long after graduation. Straight to Israel, huh?
My profile is up to date, so have a look and may be swap storeis. Cheers,John.

5/4/11 21:34  

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