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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Obligatory Cute Kid Story

...well every blog worthy of the name has to have one.

A couple of years ago I bought my kids a book "The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish" (this is in the same spirit as buying them a trainset or, in the future a full sized slate-bed snooker table). Anyway, I like the book, and probably since it's long and delays bedtime, they like it too.

My four-year-old has of course got me 'round her little finger, and this is only helped by her calling the book "I want my Dad back".

The other night I happened to be working a little late, so my wife was reading "the book" to the kids before bed. At the end she asked them "So, would you swap your daddy for 2 goldfish?".

Immediate answer from my wonderful daughter "No! I wouldn't even swap Daddy for a cow!"
My son: "Daddy is probably bigger than 2 cows."
Daughter: "I wouldn't swap him for a puppy or even a big dog."

So...I know I'm worth more than quite a number of animals to my children. Who else can claim that?

Pride cometh before....I couldn't let it lie, could I? I had to try to get my kids to say it just one more time. Just to make the final comment here understandable, you should know that in the book, the kids walk all over town from friend to friend to get their dad back. So...the other day I read "the book" again to my daughter and asked her at the end "So, would you swap Daddy for 2 goldfish?" (thinking: time to sit back and kvell)
"No, Daddy, I wouldn't even swap you for a dog or a puppy"
"Ahh, that's nice..."
"Yeah, I wouldn't want to walk that far to get you back...."

You'd think this would teach me a lesson, but somehow, I'm sure I'll set myself up for more putdowns in the future. I'm not so keen that this blog turn into saccharine city so I'll only post the best comments (honest).

This link explains where Neil Gaiman got the original idea for the book.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real question is, would they swap you for a new bike :-)

29/3/05 12:32  
Blogger Kibi said...

Yeah - there are some places it's probably safer not to go - see the postscript I'm about to add...

29/3/05 12:39  

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