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Location: Modi'in, Israel

Monday, February 14, 2005

End of an Era

The IDF is handing over control of Megiddo Prison to the Prison service. Soon to follow are Ketziot and Ofer.

Ketziot and Megiddo were the places I did my first duties in the army, what a relief there'll be no more chance of miluim there - Ketziot in particular is the most abysmal hole - 50 miles past the back end of nowhere in a howling wilderness (literally, jackals all over) "improved" by mile upon mile of barbed wire and chain-link fence. Just the name brings back memories of near-suicidal boredom.

Of course, afterwards I was transferred to guard in the Be'er Sheva jail which is officially under the Prison Service so...oh's still possible I'll end up guarding Ketziot.


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