Verbum Sapienti sat est (A word to the wise suffices)

Location: Modi'in, Israel

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

"Well," said Sam, "I'm back."

Miluim is over - thank G-d all went smoothly. Bored stiff from far too much time doing nothing at all, totally fumigated with cigarette smoke, and in slightly worse physical shape than I was before I left, I'm back in town with an intense desire to not go again.

Bare facts: after our 2 day "imun" (where we stood around in the rain and totally massacred a field of cardboard cutouts with live ammunition) we were sent off to guard various yishuvim in the Shomron. I chose the one which was closest to the Green line since it was closest to Modi'in, giving me the best access to civilization and home. So I ended up with 6 other guys in Na'aleh. (motto - "It's quiet tonight - too quiet").

Good point - it was quiet - not one real security incident in 3 weeks (just some false alarms) - I have nothing against remaining safe, and to be honest, who would trust me under real combat conditions?

Bad point - it is the most boring parochial little flyspeck village on earth. I can't imagine the casual cruelty which would cause a parent to move his children to a place where they are doomed to have nothing - but nothing to do of an evening except hang out at the shin-gimmel smoking or bumming rides into Modi'in to see the "big city."


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