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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Like water from a leaky bucket...

So, once I thought I was definitely going to write a novel, just as soon as I had access to a computer with a word processor. Yet somehow now that I sit by a computer all day, I don't seem to have made any progress in that direction.

Also I was going to definitely write down some deep political thoughts and finally convince everyone that what I thought made sense, was right and it would be so clear that no-one would ever argue...but I don't seem to have managed to do that yet either.

In addition I was thinking that eventually I would learn a musical instrument and write some pretty cool rock music with really exceptionally clever lyrics you see a pattern forming here?

My high expectations seem to drip away like water from a leaky bucket.

Does everyone have such high expectations and low accomplishments? I was wondering if Bill Gates sits at home and thinks "Damn, what happened to all those plans I had for becoming president, and learning to play bass-guitar and smashing Tommy Brown's nose and writing a really funny Broadway musical?". Or if George Bush ever thinks "Yeah, president is nice, but I never did get to finish that book I was writing about baseball - maybe next year".

Nah - it's just me.

So the burning question is, will I be able to keep writing blog entries and keep this a going concern or is it going to be another flash- in-the-pan it-was-a-good-idea-at-the-time thing of mine?

Well, this sort of writing was exactly what I wanted to do (as a sideline) when I moved to Israel - I imagined I would send occasional letters back to England and they'd get a column in the Jewish Chronicle - Letters from Israel or something like that. Of course I never wrote a single one, and anything I say now is irrelevant to JC readers, but I still like the idea, so maybe I'll manage.

Anyway, if someone has a comment I'd be thrilled to read it - making this more of a conversation than a speech...


Blogger Nushyman said...

When I started my blog I thought - great! this will be fun, but it takes alot of time. I also feel if I don't update it every day then people won't be interested.

But I do love writing - having a place to vent my thoughts. Keep going - Knowing you I am sure any minute now you will write something that will set the comment juices flowing :)


29/12/04 09:04  
Blogger Miriam said...

It took me about 4 months til I got my first comment. A reader even wrote to me to tell me not to get discouraged that I get no comments... Don't worry about it.

5/1/05 00:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should quit while you are still only a short distance behind.

24/1/05 14:55  

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